Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Fatih Municipality Meeting

I think you guys may need this picture which I took yesterday.

Fatih Municipality Meeting

Based on the work of the last year BUDD group, we have been invited to meet with the Mayor of Fatih Municipality and with members of the CBO called the Sulukule Platform. Thus, we have been able to establish a development dialogue with them, getting the different perspectives of these actors regarding the Renovation Program and its implementation.

After hearing their interests and priorities, we have a better idea of the process of transformation that Istanbul is going through, and what this implies for the civil society and the government. Now we have to make a choice about the issues we want to focus on during the next two weeks and justify that decision. So far we have agreed in the importance of the preservation and the conservation of heritage (tangible & intangible), and the issue of the relocation and resettlement of the Sulukule community. But how to link these objectives is part of the struggle of defining the scope of our project, however, we have been advised to chose the needs that we can effectively address in order to make a final decision and start working.

Sorry again

Sorry for my mistake about Roman and Romani.

So as I see, there is some interactions between the people in Sulukule and the City Walls. But it is not enough. In this term the people in Sulukule have no strong reason they must live in this place. But it doesn't matter. We have the Walls and the Roma community there. But what we got today is that the Roma are the minority (17%), and in fact the majority of them don't have the talent of singing and dancing. And they will be relocated in June (right?), so we don't have time to make a tourism plan. Therefore, we will try to address it in another way. That is what we talked about in the evening.

Personally I prefer to do a conservation plan for the heritage because we will meet the relocation problem during the planinng. Because I have made several conservation plans before, relocation is a very important and most expensive part. And there are a lot of aspects we can do to analyse, evaluate and preserve the heritage.

But we want to put both in the same weigh (right?). personally I don't think it is a good idea because conservation is not just relocation, and relocation is not the best way of conservation sometimes. I think there should be only one topic. Now it looks like we want to analyse every thing, but maybe we can't touch the core of these issues. What do you think?

Based on my background, conservation will be very interesting. But as an urban designer, relocation may be a challenge. that's just my thoughts. Whatever, both is ok for me.

Good night.